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Janet Seeger

















“We Serve”   Liberty + Intelligence

+ Our Nations Safety 



                                                                                          June, 2011


                               GOLF OUTING – Our annual golf outing is upon us – Friday June 10 with a rain date of
                                     June 17.  All that is still needed is sponsors, so try your best to get as many as you can. 

                                     Sponsors are what makes our outing a big success.  Also SELL, SELL, SELL those $500

                                     gas gift card raffles.  Another big profit maker.  They are $5 each or 5 for $20. We will be in

                                     need of workers on the day of the golf outing.  Please sign up at our meeting on June 9 or

                                     contact Ian or Wendy McCubbin 215 343-5269 or Russ Diamond 215 491-4180 Cell


                                      DUATHLON – Nothing new to report but stay tuned during the summer as this takes place

                                      September 10, 2011, the day after our first meeting in September.  Workers will be needed on

                                      that day also. 

                                     ANNUAL PICNIC – Our annual picnic will take place at Ken Gutsin’s home on Saturday

                                     August 13.  Thank you Ken & Jill!  The committee is in the process of making the plans

                                     to make it an enjoyable day for all.  More information will follow.    

                                      ANNUAL DUES – If you have not yet paid your $60 annual dues, please do so ASAP.  Either

                                      give to Russ at our next meeting or mail to Warrington Lions, P. O. Box 265, Warrington,

                                      PA 18976.  Thank you to all for your continued support and membership.                        

                                      SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS – We had our 2 scholarship winners and their parents at our

                                      meeting on May 26.  They were Virginia Edwards of CB South, and Albert DiMaria III,

                                      of Archbishop Wood.  We wish them the best in their selective studies. 

                                      We also celebrated Bob Murphy’s 88th birthday that evening. 

                                      BANNER NIGHT – Our banner night is set for September 18.  More information will follow.

                                      BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS – Happy, happy birthday to Ken Gutsin – June 12!

                                      UPCOMING MEETINGS – Our first meeting of the month will be Thursday June 9, 7 PM

                                      at Giuseppe’s.  Our second meeting will be Thursday June 23 same time and place.  This

                                      will be our last meeting until September.  Please make every effort to attend both meetings. 


             See you June 9th!  

   Janet Seeger on behalf of

                                Jim Furlong