The Warrington Lions Are Always Looking For New Members

  • We have no restrictions except that prospective members be of good character. Men and women of any age are encouraged to join!
  • Lions are about having fun while doing some good. We meet twice a month to discuss projects, both ongoing and proposed. We frequently have guest speakers, some informative, some entertaining, but definitely always  interesting.
  • We encourage family participation. Currently, several married couples are both members. Get your children involved, too! It's great way to set a good example for your kids about community service and to be able to spend quality time together! But that's not a requirement, just an opportunity!
  • While we would love to have every member at every meeting, the reality of today's active lifestyles means that it just doesn't happen that way any more.  We want you to do as much as you decide you can.

Call, join us for dinner or just talk. You'll definitely get an idea of what membership can do for you and what you can do for The Lions and the community.