The Warrington Township Lions Club is conducting a Rubber Duck Race in conjunction with Warrington Day, September 28, 2019. Rules and details are as follows:

  1. Cost: $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. All ducks are and remain the property of the Warrington Township Lions Club. No other ducks are allowed in the race.
  2. Sale Ends: Ticket sales will end at 5:00 p.m. on the race date to ensure all ducks are ready at race time. Each duck is numbered with waterproof markers, which corresponds with the number on each ticket sold.
  3. Method of Winning: A course for the ducks will be constructed in the Neshaminy Creek adjacent to the hiking trail which begins at the parking lot in the Lower Nike Park. The starting line is about 250 yards from the trail head. The course will be outlined with floats and will continue to a point approximately 65 yards past the steel bridge (which is an ideal observation point) narrowing to a chute permitting one duck to pass through at a time (the finish line).
  4. At approximately 5:30 p.m. the pre-numbered ducks will be released from a starting barrier. The ducks are all made of the same material and are of the same size and weight. In the event of ducks being trapped in rocks at the beginning of the race, race organizers may free the ducks so they can continue.
  5. The natural current of the creek should send the ducks toward the chute; if in the event there is no current the local fire department may assist by hosing the water behind the ducks to encourage them along. The first duck to pass through the chute will be the first-place winner, second duck, second place, etc. The ducks will be put into a numbered box in the order they are pulled from the chute (1, 2, 3, etc.) as to allow time to record the winning numbers. No one can touch, hinder or assist the ducks in anyway while they are in the waterway.
  6. A bonus prize of $25,000 is available to the first 10 finishers of the race. An independent guarantor, Interactive Promotions Group, will preselect one number from the number set 1 to 3000. If one of the first 10 finishers matches that number, that person will be the grand prize winner.
  7. Announcing winners: Winners will be announced over a P.A. system and later listed on our website www.warringtonlions.org. Those holding winning tickets may pick up their prize immediately by producing their ticket and signing a receipt.
  8. If a prize is not claimed on the race date: Those not present will be contacted by email or phone and notified to pick up their prize at the Warrington Township Building, 852 Easton Rd, Warrington or a location designated by the Warrington Township Lions Duck Race Committee. They will be required to produce the original ticket stub and to sign a receipt.
  9. Prize claim period - All prizes must be claimed within 60 days from the race date. If a prize is unclaimed, refused, or the winner cannot be located within this timeframe, the unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and deposited into the Charity Account of the Warrington Township Lions Club.
  10. Refund Policy – Tickets are non-refundable. All sales are final.
  11. Inclement weather/extenuating circumstances – The race will be held at the rescheduled Warrington Day as determined by the Warrington Township event organizers, or in the event this is not possible, the duck race will revert to a regular raffle with the ticket stubs being placed in a hopper and pulled to determine winners, with the first drawn awarded to the first place winner, etc. The first 10 numbers drawn will be used to determine if a grand prize winner has been selected.
  12. Race rules will be posted in a conspicuous place on day of event and on our website, (www.warringtonlions.org). A copy of rules will be given to each member selling tickets and a sufficient number of rules will also be available to hand out to all interested persons.